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DOOORS - room escape game -

DOOORS - room escape game -

פיתוח: 58works
שוחרר בתאריך: 22-12-2011 10:57
Games | Adventure | Puzzle
גירסה: 4.7
נפח: 19.36 MB
DOOORS - room escape game -רובכם בוודאי מכירים את האפליקציה הותיקה בחנות האפליקציות הישראלית, המשחק DOOORS - room escape game - שוחרר בתאריך 22-12-2011 לחנות האפסטור, מדובר במשחק פאזל מלווה בהרפתקאות מאתגר ומעניין, סיקור אפליקציה בעברית כולל תמונות, קטעי וידאו של המשחק, מידע סטטיסטי חשוב ועוד.

האפליקציה זמינה להורדה לאייפון בחינם בחנות זה 846 ימים, קיבלה עד כה ציון ממוצע ממשתמשים של 5.00 כוכבים.

בחרנו מספר תגובות של משתמשים להתרשמותכם:
"איך לעזאזל עוברים אותו?!?"
"I love this game, mainly because I love the strategy and challenges. It would be so much more awesome, if more levels were added!"
"משחק מדהייים !אבל למה לא עושים עוד שלבים?אבל חוץ מזה מדהים!"
"I really need help on level 46 plz give answer."
"Very fun game but can ANYONE please help with level 24? Thx!"

המשחק פותח על ידי חברת 58works

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אלו מכם שעדיין לא מכירים את האפליקציה, תוכלו להעזר בקישורי המידע, ולצפות בסיקור הכולל תמונות ובשאר קבצי המדיה של האפליקציה.
אם אתם אוהבים לפתור פאזלים מוכן להרפתקאה חדשה, המשחק הזה עשוי למצוא חן בעיניך.
משחק פאזל מלווה בהרפתקאות מיוחד במינו, העבירו איתו שעות עם הרפתקאות מעניינות, מתאים לילדים ומבוגרים כאחד
האפליקציה תופסת כ 19 MB נפח של זכרון על האייפון או האייפד. תהנו!
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סרטוני וידאו קשורים לנושא זה:

62 תגובות מחנות האפליקציות

1. שלב 17
5stars 2012-07-07

איך לעזאזל עוברים אותו?!?
2. Love it!
5stars 2012-06-18

I love this game, mainly because I love the strategy and challenges. It would be so much more awesome, if more levels were added!
3. משחק יפה
4stars 2012-06-17

משחק מדהייים !אבל למה לא עושים עוד שלבים?אבל חוץ מזה מדהים!
4. Plz help
5stars 2012-06-17

I really need help on level 46 plz give answer.
5. Doors
4stars 2012-06-17

Very fun game but can ANYONE please help with level 24? Thx!
6. I just beat dooors
5stars 2012-06-16

Thanks to the dooors cheats pro,I used the app only for dooors number 40-50
5stars 2012-06-16

I it soooooo much it is awesome! but I am stuck on twelve I forgot help plz!thx
8. חזק!
5stars 2012-06-14

למה אין אחרי 50 עוד שלבים?
9. Love this game.
5stars 2012-06-14

How do you pass level 12 it is hard but addicting
10. Need more updates!
5stars 2012-06-14

Need more rooms i beat them too fast. Also for lvl33, use the sword to cut the power. Then go right left left left left right right (bunnies are rights and ducks are lefts)
11. Need more rooms
3stars 2012-06-13

Every time it updates that day I beat all the rooms. Need more rooms
12. Awesome
5stars 2012-06-06

Lvl 19 slide upwards on the left and right doors and touch the green button on both. the slide down the left door. on the right door, grab the orange ball and clise the right door. as you can see on the ceiling there is 2lught things. rap the orange ball and tap the big circle on
13. Hurry up
5stars 2012-06-06

This is the best! Hurry up with the new doors please!
14. I love this game
5stars 2012-06-05

BUT. This dooors game was too easy. I completed it in less than 20 mins. I need more challenging doors
15. Cheats 33
5stars 2012-06-05

33: with the knife cut the power cable then the lazer beama dissapear. Then slide the door 1 time to the right 4 to the left and 2 to the right following the pattern on the wall.the rabbit means the righ side.
16. Amazing
5stars 2012-06-05

So much fun. Makes you think! Need more levels!
17. Level 33 ?
4stars 2012-06-05

How in the world do u get past 33?!?!? Please help !
18. Level 19?
4stars 2012-06-04

How in the world do u get past 19 ?!?!? Please help I feel really dumb!
5stars 2012-06-04

If u need help, there is a cheat guide.idk if it gets updated with the update though.but its really helpful!
20. Nice! 22?
5stars 2012-05-24

So fun! Help on 22? The one with the tigers
21. Fun
4stars 2012-05-23

Fun and challenging. Only 35 floors.I finished in 20 minutes! Very similar to 100 floors (which only has 40 floors)Uninstall until more doors
22. I like dooors!
5stars 2012-05-23

I like dooors but I wish there more levels.
23. Challenging but fun!
5stars 2012-05-21

This game is very challenging but fun! Something funny: In # 16 tap the guy while you are holding the match and he screams funny! It made me laugh each time lol :)
24. Coolest game ever
5stars 2012-05-21

More doors please! I could play this puzzle game all day. Make them even more difficult. Thanks. You all rock.
25. Level 25
5stars 2012-05-20

Use magnifying glass to highlight Japanese flag. The numbers tell you the height of the blocks 2562. Then tap door.
26. Level 22
4stars 2012-05-20

Whats up with the colors? I put the orange ball on the top. Now what?
27. Thanks and spoiler alert
5stars 2012-05-20

Thanks to cferguson for lvl 12 help. Paying it forward level 7 help followsMatch black on door so.Left side black white blackRight side white black whiteGreat game
28. Amazing, here is help.
5stars 2012-05-19

Great game but it need more levls. Level 14, position the switches to match da mark on da wall. 25 magnify the flag with the red circle. It will give u numbers use those as how many things u put up. Good luck!
5stars 2012-05-19

Loved this game! Now bring more levels. :)
30. Great imagination
5stars 2012-05-19

Love the imaginative challenges. Enjoyed it so much that I wanted more when I had finished it.
31. Great game
5stars 2012-05-19

This game is great but I finished it can we have new levels please
32. easy
4stars 2012-05-18

All it needs is more levels and some of them should be harder but, its very fun, easy, an addicting :)
33. Level 14
3stars 2012-05-18

Just line them up diagonally like the streak above the door.
34. Level 14?
3stars 2012-05-17

35. Love it.
4stars 2012-05-17

I love this app, it always works properly. I wish it had more levels though.
36. Gheggegggssgsggsg
5stars 2012-05-16

Need help on level twelve please help me please
37. Good
3stars 2012-05-16

I liked it until i passed all the levels it needs more levels
38. Loved it!
5stars 2012-05-16

Excellent game hope they make a part 2 soon! Xx
39. Level 17
5stars 2012-05-16

Left clock: 11Right clock: 7Fun fun fun! Need help with 24!
40. Awesome but.
4stars 2012-05-15

AMAZING! The only thing is it NEEDS MORE LEVELS!
41. Not enough doors!
5stars 2012-05-15

Each time you beat the game the doors should change. Fun game though!
5stars 2012-05-15

Best game ever If u make more levels I will buy. If I could rate it 1000000 stars I would best game EVER.
43. Lvl 35
5stars 2012-05-15

Help! Iv bn stuck for weeks and cnt get past it!
44. שאלה
5stars 2012-05-14

איך עוברים את הדלת של הנמרים.?
45. Brilliant!
5stars 2012-05-14

Great app. Nt to hard to work out. My fave ap out at the moment! More levels please!
46. Level 16
4stars 2012-05-14

Help been stuck in level 16 for weeks anyone help me plz
47. Obsessed
5stars 2012-05-14

Im obsessed with this game i just love it and that new 100 floors game is totally just a copy of this
48. So nice
4stars 2012-05-13

I think this is a really really great app.
49. Cool Game!
5stars 2012-05-13

Add more dooors please. Try and figure out without cheating if you can. Lots of fun!
50. Level 12
5stars 2012-05-13

How do u beat level 17! Instructions please
51. Good stuff
5stars 2012-05-13

Friendly application and some great features
52. Like the app.
4stars 2012-05-13

Works like a charm. I can recommend this to anyone.
53. Cool
5stars 2012-05-13

Great features and a very clean and smooth interface.
54. Irritatingly good!
4stars 2012-05-13

Please level 20 is driving me mad, three days now someone please help!
55. Ok
3stars 2012-05-13

Game is good however there are not enough levels ! I completed it in like 15 mins pretty crap needs more levels!
56. Sweet app
4stars 2012-05-12

I love this app and I use it all the time. 
57. Great app
5stars 2012-05-12

This app is better than most other apps have.
58. Works as advertised
5stars 2012-05-11

This app does exactly what it needs to do.
59. Hard
5stars 2012-05-11

How do u beat level 16 i dont know how to control the body
60. Love The Game
5stars 2012-05-11

Pleas create a sequel. I personally think people who like the game would pay at least 0.99 for it.
61. Nice one
5stars 2012-05-11

I really like this app. It is extremely easy to use and works 100% of the time.
62. Fun game
5stars 2012-05-11

Very fun and smart game please more level!?@?@?

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