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Perfect 365 - Makeup Photo Editor

Perfect 365 - Makeup, Photo Editor

פיתוח: ArcSoft, Inc.
שוחרר בתאריך: 17-11-2011 15:00
Photo & Video | Lifestyle
גירסה: 3.2.22
נפח: 22.4 MB
עדכון מחיר: 08-05-2013 4:16
Perfect 365 - Makeup, Photo Editor

The best photo cleanup and makeup app.
* One-tap makeover, photo editing, and enhancements * Best way to find your personal makeup style
[Winner of CES's Innovations Design and Engineering Award]

Perfect365 makes it outrageously easy to achieve the look you see on magazine covers and web sites with your own photos. Erase a blemish, whiten teeth or give yourself (and friends) a total makeover. And no one but you has to know why you look better than ever.
Key Features:
*Makeover on the go -- Capture a photo anytime, anywhere. No need to worry about facial and makeup imperfections. Perfect365 is ideal for a quick touch-up.

*Pick a style and you're done -- Pre-designed beauty styles makes it easy to turn anyone from drab to fab – in just one tap!
*Customize like crazy -- Use makeup and enhancement tools to personalize every detail of your face, eyes, brows, lips, teeth, and skin. Even thinning your face or widening your smile is easy as pie.
*Advanced face detection -- Automatically and accurately detects the face(s) in your photo. For perfect editing, easily adjust key facial points on the eyes, nose, and mouth regions.

*Share new looks with your friends -- After applying a makeover, save and share the amazing results with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr and see if they like it as much as you do.

** See what our users are saying **
"I'm absolutely in love with this app. I never ever write reviews but I had to for this app. All of my friends have it and were all obsessed! I'm never wearing makeup again hahah I wish this app was around in my awkward high school phase! SPECTACULAR APP, a definite must have!"
"Best app for photos. I can take a pic with no makeup and in seconds make it look like I sat in a chair with a makeup artist for hours! Love it!"

"Just awesome! A+++ - Love playing with this app. Amazing!!! You can make yourself look younger, add eye makeup, whiten your teeth, add blush, eyelashes etc. oh and you can make your face thinner. A+++"
"I don't normally rate apps either but this one is so much fun and so easy to use! It really enhances pics even just for a more subtle look. Totally awesome app!"
"I've touched-up all my business photos to look younger! And you can try different looks with make-up to see how you eyes look best and etc!!! I've learned a lot...Thanks"

"Extremely good - Most natural effect among all make up apps"
ArcSoft, Inc. is an industry-leading software developer with over 18 years of software development experience supporting industry leaders in advanced imaging and video technologies.

** iPad and Mac versions are also available on the iTunes App Store **
provided courtesy of iTunes

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