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  • גרסה: V4.4.5
  • גודל הורדה: 2.75 MB
  • שוחרר בתאריך: 16-12-2010
  • מערכת הפעלה: iOS 6.0 ומעלה
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  • מתאים עבור: גילאי 4 ומעלה
  • מחיר בחנות: ₪ 6.90 (במקום 7.90 ש"ח, ירידת מחיר לזמן מוגבל) עודכן ב28 באוקטובר 2017.

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Delete all contacts right on your iPhone with just one touch!
ContactDel provides many ways to delete multiple contacts on iPhone and iPod Touch. No PC or Mac are required, no Sync is needed. Use ContactDel to save time when cleaning up your address book.

1. Delete All: The EASIEST way to delete all contacts on your iPhone and iPod Touch, just push the button, the App does the rest.

2. Special Delete:
--- Delete by Name: list your contacts by names, check-mark in batch and delete multiple contacts at once.

Version 4.1.2 added new features to "Delete by Name": ContactDel displays icons to quickly identify key information of each contact, making it easier to decide which one to delete at a glance.

Version 4.2.0 improved efficiency, deletion is faster than ever, 1,000 contacts take less than 6 seconds!

---Easy instant search by name: having thousands contacts? Hates to scroll and find your contacts? Instant search makes it very easy to locate the contacts you want to delete. Search as you type the name instantly.

---One Touch to Delete All Contacts with NO Phone Numbers

---One Touch to Delete All Contacts with NO Emails

---One Touch to Delete All Contacts with NO Address

3. Restore: you can restore major information of previous deleted contacts at anytime.

ContactDel users love it!

"Worked great! Synced my phone and got my boyfriends address book merged with mine... We were able to quickly delete the unwanted contacts by selecting them and deleting them all at once Great App! Great Time Saver!"


"I purchased Contactdel and it has worked very well ... I am having problems syncing my contacts with Outlook. Contactdel has been very good restoring my contacts when the sync has problems."


"Easy as pie, I downloaded ContactDel, ran the program and voila all those nasty contacts were gone. My address book was ready for my slimmed and updated contact list. Thank you!"


"So I needed a way to remove 3000 contacts from my iPhone. ContactDel is the only app that does this en masse and quickly. Other apps make you remove one single contact at a time. Better yet, once I finally decided to pay for this and used it, my contacts were wiped in seconds."


"Totally does what it says!! - After hours spent trying to sort out my duplicated contacts and the literally hundreds of unwanted contacts that went onto my phone when I synched it with my gmail. This app, together with Synch In A Blink have sorted my iphone contacts and my sanity out! Thank you!"


"3GS - Done a long job within a minute!! Highly recommended!!! :D"


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NOTE: only first name, last name, phone number, address, email can be restored. Contact photo, notes, homepage, instant messenger, and ring tone setting are permanently deleted.

NOTE: Because of Privacy policy changes on iOS6, you need to grant access to the addressbook for ContactDel (and any contact-related App) to work: General -> Privacy -> Contact -> Switch On for ContactDel

הורידו עכשיו את ContactDel: delete multiple contacts with one touch, אפליקציה שפותחה במיוחד עבור אייפון ואייפד ע"י נשמח לשמוע מכם תגובות, שתפו אותנו בחווית השימוש, שאלות או טיפים שימושיים על ContactDel: delete multiple contacts with one touch.

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